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‘Light a candle for a loved one’
Most people think that it is tradition to have a minister of religion to conduct their own or loved ones funeral, even if they do not have firm religious beliefs. For some time now, this has been shown to be unacceptable for many people. There is now an acceptable legal alternative and Funeral Directors, Public Crematoria and Cemeteries welcome the services of a trained Celebrant like Marie to conduct a chosen Rite Of Passage for the deceased. Marie wants you or your loved one to have a ‘Celebration Of Life,’ a funeral that is unique. One created by her, after listening to you or your families wishes. Allowing the personality of you or your loved one to shine through and come alive during the Ceremony.

Your ceremony can include whatever you wish, Marie will help plan the memorable day of dedication to you or your loved one, with creativity flexibility and empathy. This can be pre-planned at a location of your choice on the day. One that you and Marie have thoughtfully prepared together, using her listening skills to create and weave those tapestry of words to tell the most important life story of the individual.

Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK is a specialised service that is offered to you and your family. Marie’s experience and life skills have allowed her to step into a sensitive area where very few will go. Having a life long passion of wanting to give the dying or the departed a Rite Of Passage from this world to wherever they believe their journey will take them, respecting all beliefs and cultures.

Marie has had the honour of supporting the terminally ill and listening to their wishes, which has led her on this amazing journey that she now shares with you and your family. I know this is a poignant time for you if you are preparing a funeral of a loved one. Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK is the ‘Compassionate Difference that makes the Difference.’  If you are in hospital or in a hospice or care home, Marie will visit you for an informal chat or to take instructions about your ceremony to celebrate your life.

Pre-planned Celebration Of Life Ceremonies. (funeral)

While planning a funeral in advance is something many people prefer not to think about, a little thought now can bring welcome peace of mind in the future. A celebration of life plan makes your wishes known to your family and saves them from having to make decisions about your life eulogy and wishes.

Marie will ensure your ceremony is about your life history and memories you wish to talk about. After all you have ‘Created those eternal memories that will leave lasting footprints on your loved ones hearts’

It’s never easy bringing up the subject of funerals, but just like the making of a will, pre-arranging your funeral is a practical and sensible thing to do. Circle of Life Ceremonies UK can help take the stress and worry away from you, giving you a celebration of life plan that can offer real peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

This type of planning is becoming more acceptable in todays society. Marie will visit you for a no obligation consultation to discuss your wishes.

Whether you are in good health and wishing to make arrangements to lighten the load of your family when the time comes or whether you may be facing this poignant time through illness, Marie will listen and explore ways to carry out your wishes, with empathy and clarity. She has access to many Funeral Directors who are more than willing to liaise with her on this matter.

Marie can prepare the ceremony for you to put into safe keeping (with your will) or with your solicitor. You will only be charged for the writing of the ceremony at this stage. (script writing service)

If you are terminally ill, maybe you would like Marie to visit you and discuss your personal wishes, while you are still strong enough to make important decisions? This will be carried out in a very caring and empathetic way.

The ceremony is what you want and respecting your personal beliefs, this can include any unusual requests. Marie is a professional writer and she can discuss personalised poetry or verse and songs of your choice. Not everyone has this chance to prepare.

When meeting Marie you will have peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be carried out in a empathetic professional way, taking into consideration yours and your family wishes. Each ceremony Marie conducts is individually created from start to finish, honouring the person who has died in a dignified and respectful tribute, focusing on memories that made them special and unique.

On most occasions Marie will meet with the family to discuss and create the most appropriate kind of funeral ‘celebration of life’ ceremony.  If the next of kin live a long distance away, this can also be done via telephone, email or with modern technology, via live Skype and she will discuss and explore your wishes and ideas with you and together create a celebration of life that is tailor made to the individual whose funeral is to take place.

No two funerals that Marie conducts will ever be the same. The beauty of developing empathetic listening skills along side many of Marie’s additional qualities and training results in a ceremony you or your loved one deserves.

A Unique Rite Of Passage’ from this world to wherever you believe your loved ones journey has taken them. Everyone has different beliefs because we are all individuals. Some may believe the soul is on an onward journey and they gain great comfort from thinking and feeling their loved ones soul still guides and protects from wherever they are. Some may feel that the act of committal by the celebrant is the final moment. They gain comfort from trying to let go from that time onwards.

No matter what your belief or that of your departed loved one, Marie will respect and serve your wishes without judgement or criticism. You will find Marie warm, caring and easy to talk to. Confidentiality is assured at all times.

Circle Of Life Ceremonies.

Free initial consultation.
Presentation copy of the ceremony script. On request
Bespoke service
Personal poetry written by Marie or a choice of verses. (included)
Indoor or outdoor locations.
List of funeral songs.
Personalised Guestbook.
Signature Candles lit at the service or ordered to keep as a memory of your loved ones, pictures can be added to this. Ask for details.
White dove release.
Signature balloon release.
Scattering of ashes
Memorial day ceremony.
Burial blessings.

All optional extras with the ‘Difference that makes the Difference’.

Talk to Marie now to arrange an initial consultation, with no obligation.

“I am willing to liaise with your chosen Funeral Director, so that between us, you or your loved one has the ceremony that we have planned together. I am able to travel to conduct any Ceremony”….

Marie. Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK.

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Circle Of Life Commitment Ceremonies can be conducted by Marie in Leeds, Wakefield, Holmfirth, Harrogate, York, Hull, Bridlington, Scarborough, Whitby, Sheffield, Bradford, Barnsley, Ripon, Huddersfield and all surrounding areas within Yorkshire with travel included in the fee. Marie is happy to travel outside of these areas on request. Scottish locations are very welcome as Marie was born a Glaswegian and she often frequents the Scottish Borders. Conducting ceremonies abroad can be arranged by request. Travel expenses will apply.