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Evie Callum and baby Matilda my beautiful grandchildren
Evie Callum and baby Matilda my beautiful grandchildren

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Welcome to Circle Of Life UK Naming Ceremonies. If you are visiting this special page because you are thinking of holding a unique naming ceremony for your baby or child, congratulations for being an individual who is open and welcoming to new ideas.

Circle Of Life Ceremonies are beautifully created by Marie a fully qualified family celebrant. To train as a celebrant takes dedication and patience and an understanding of people. To train as a family celebrant is the most rewarding of vocations.

To work with your baby or child as it makes its first ‘eternal footprints creating lasting memories in your hearts’ is the experience of a life time.
Marie will meet with you for a free initial no obligation consultation to explore your needs allowing you to have a memorable day recorded in such a way that your child can never forget.

What is a Naming Ceremony?
A few years ago the government introduced a scheme to offer civil naming ceremonies as an alternative to a religious ceremony – the same concept as offering a civil wedding as an alternative to a church wedding. Trained Celebrants like Marie officiate at these ceremonies.Pink Booties

Venue Ideas:
• Home
• Hotel

• Marquee

• Garden

• Play School

The ceremony may be held indoors or outdoors, there are no restrictions.

Circle Of Life Ceremonies can offer Religious: Non Religious: Semi Religious: Unique: Traditional Ceremonies; In fact this is your special child like no other, why should his or her ceremony reflect anything but this? Your child’s naming service can be as simple or lavish as you wish with ideas that are only limited by your imagination.

Role Model

To make the ceremony more relevant to you and your child, Marie has some amazing ideas to customise each ceremony. She can help you weave a tapestry of words including the promises that are made to your child, by yourselves as parents or supporting adults: Mentors: Guide-parents: Role Models: You can even choose that name reflecting the position you wish for them to play in your child’s life and development.

How many supporting adults can we have?

There is no maximum number; it’s entirely up to you.
Choosing special adults are usually similar to those at traditional christenings but if you want to make the ceremony even more personal then optional extras may be included, such as involving grandparents in the ceremony, remembering absent friends or family or presenting your child with a gift.

Talk to Marie to explore those endless options which can involve some or many of the following during the ceremony.

Distinctive Additions Blue Booties

• Water
• Candle

• Petals

• Gifts

• Flowers

• Trees

• Pebbles

A civil naming ceremony can be held for a child of any age as well as for babies. It is also possible to adapt the ceremony to welcome children from different marriages or adopted children. Many people choose this service after successful IVF treatment to thank the world for their new gift and introduce their miracle baby to their friends and family.

Marie is experienced to write the ceremony for you with empathy and understanding.
No legal papers need to be signed for a naming ceremony, although it is a good idea to show your celebrant the baby’s birth certificate at the time of booking. This ensures your right as parents to have this ceremony and Marie is able to check names and dates.

A commemorative Circle Of Life Naming certificate will be presented to you and your child at the ceremony. This is a commissioned certificate personalised for your child. The special adults, the parents and Marie your celebrant will sign this certificate in front of your friends and family if you so wish?
Marie invites you to a FREE no obligation telephone consultation to discuss your child’s unique ceremony. Together we can plan a Day To Remember.

Personal verses written by Marie for your child’s unique ceremony.
Giving you a service with ‘The Difference That Makes The Difference.’
This ‘Unique Ceremony’ is an amazing alternative or complement to a traditional Christening.

It can be as unusual or as simple as you wish. The Ceremony can include more than one child in the family.

Complimentary Circle Of Life Naming & Blessing Package

• Complimentary certificate.
Complimentary silver finished photo frame to display your special day.
Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK, personal congratulation card.
Presentational copy of the ceremony.

Naming Services

• Bespoke service.
Rehearsal of the Ceremony (included).
Draft copy of ceremony (included).
Personal poetry written by Marie or a choice of verses (included).
White dove release.
Signature Candles.
Signature Balloons.
Chosen Music.
Personalised Guestbook.
Indoor or outdoor venue.
(All optional extras)

Marie is a registered fundraiser of the candlelighters support charity at St. James Hospital Leeds.

Arranging the ceremony.
Talk to Marie

Marie will travel to conduct your ceremony within 40 miles which is included in the price. Travel expenses will be accrued after this. Please discuss with Marie at the onset of your booking.

Marie Macintyre-Thomson MCCN
Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK
Independent Celebrant
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“I wanted my naming ceremony to be the best it could be and had previously seen other companies who didn’t have the qualifications in their field. Marie was fully qualified, very professional, well informed and helped guide me through the whole process. Special attention was taken to my needs and desires and she was keen to listen to my ideas and explore additional ones to make it a unique ceremony.

You could see Marie was very passionate about her work and had a natural affinity with people. As my child was 3 Marie also took time to involve her and get to know her, something I found fantastic as others before her did not do this or express an interest. I am really looking forward to February now and excited to see it all come together.” – Samantha Crossley.

My Grandson Callum John Wade born 23/06/2010

Circle Of Life Commitment Ceremonies can be conducted by Marie in Leeds, Wakefield, Holmfirth, Harrogate,York, Hull, Bridlington, & East coast, Scarborough, Whitby, Sheffield, Bradford, Barnsley, Ripon, Derby, Lincs, Lancs, Huddersfield and all surrounding areas within Yorkshire with travel included in the fee. Marie is happy to travel outside of these areas on request. Scottish locations are very welcome as Marie was born a Glaswegian and she often frequents the Scottish Borders. Conducting ceremonies abroad can be arranged by request. Travel expenses will apply.