Personal Memorial Page By Marie.

Scene of tranquility, dedicated to Maggie.

“You were and are my inspiration”

Cairn Hotel Harrogate ceremony of Celebration of Life of Rosie a 90 year old lady the grandchildren tied there messages of love to the balloons we said thanks to the Celebration of her Life

Mum with arms up she had big arms to hug and passed over when i was six.

My shining Light Maureen, a mother to us all and grandmother to many ‘We Will Always Love You’ Our bodyguard of life.

My Darling Brother John Macintyre who was sadly taken from us at the age of 41 leaving his two little boys John JNR and Tommy Lee. “Keep building bricks brother and tapping those feet to Mr Bojangles.” Photo was taken in the AAGrah Indian restaurant on our 25 wedding anniversary.  His smile could light up any room.

John Holt with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, London.

My step sister Denise with love and respect. Denise passed over with cancer.X

Ryan and Dan Mabbot passed over 25th April 2009
In a tragic car accident. Love always Mum and

Jack Moorhead

Una..a very special lady x

We light an eternal candle for you from your sons Corin Kai and family.
Always in our thoughts. Marie conducted Jack’s Celebration of life Ceremony.

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