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Mission Statement:

‘Eternal Footprints Create Lasting Memories That Stay In Our Hearts’.

In the Circle of Life, it’s the wheel of fortune, it’s the leap of faith, it’s the band of hope, till we find our place, on the path unwinding. In the Circle, the Circle of Life. –
Elton John & Lyrics by Tim Rice

Welcome friend. If you have reached this page by chance or it was a recommendation from another source or if you are needing help with a Ceremony date or venue you are more than welcome to stay and browse my site.

As your Celebrant I conduct ceremonies of all kinds. My aim is to remain committed to every ceremony that I officiate with integrity, attention to detail and sensitivity.

You may be a couple looking for a specially trained Celebrant with many life skills to conduct your wedding ceremony in the near future or maybe you are wishing to plan ahead. You may decide to renew your vows, or make a commitment to one another in the form of a blessing. You may be looking for information on how to arrange a legal Civil Ceremony signing followed by a Circle Of Life Ceremony in front of friends and family with an Independent trained Celebrant like myself.

Why choose Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK?

The name Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK was born for two reasons. Life is just like a circle with no beginning and no ending. The circle of life is forever changing and we do not always recognize when the circle actually crosses over. Every joy shared weaves a tapestry of deeper love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger. Once you are touched by the circle of life you are forever a part of it.

We are all interconnected, even our animal kingdom. As we travel within our own circles and expand within others, the beauty of the unknown is forever expressing and renewing.The symbol of the circle can also include families. I invite you now to share the journey with the Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK. Explore the pages and if I can help you in any way upon that journey, your soul will know.

Birth, Naming, Anniversaries, Blessings, Renewal of Vows, Weddings, Rite Of Passage are all connected to the circle of life.

Your Wedding day should be unique and a day to remember. Often couples who are married decide to re-commit their love for each other, in the form of a Renewal of Vows. Celebrants can write the vows or read the couples own vows. A poem or a prayer can be included in the ceremony.

Changes in the law regarding same sex marriages (Civil Partnerships) have opened up new avenues to couples now wishing to come together within such commitments, whether that is a blessing or a legal civil partnership, which is protected by the law as in any marriage.

Marie conducts personal commitment ceremonies which reflect the love you share as a couple.

‘As one door closes in your life, allow another one to open’. Give yourself permission to move onward and forward if your circle breaks and Divorce is your only answer.

Baby Naming

Modern parents often have personal values and beliefs not those shared by their own family. Fewer parents are choosing churches for their child’s christening, mostly due to the limitation of words within the ceremony. Many ceremonies are joint services with at least three or more other children being christened at the same time. In fact, some clergy will ask you to wait for the date chosen by them until they can fill the font by other christenings on the same day.

Most will only allow you a Sunday booking. None will talk about your child’s personal growth and well being in detail, or that of its siblings and parents, even grandparents. They are all important in the child’s circle of life.

An independent baby naming service with Marie as your Celebrant allows you to have a choice of venue, such as: Gardens, Marquees, Play School, Hotels and Restaurants. Dove release, balloon release and lighting of signature candles can be specially arranged.


Eventually the circle crosses over with the death of the physical body. Depending on your beliefs the soul and the spirit take an onward journey. Civil Funerals honour that Rite Of Passage with a Celebration of Life to talk about the person and memories of them, their likes and dislikes and what they would like to be remembered for. This is a Civil Funeral.

The second and main reason for the Circle Of Life is the song from the Lion King by Elton John. When Denise, my step sister was interviewed by her celebrant before her death, she indicated that she wanted an independent non religious funeral. Her favourite song
‘Circle Of Life ‘was played at her funeral. She had a lovely service which introduced me to this line of work. In fact, Denise had left a note with the celebrant saying “Ask Marie to consider doing this work, it would suit her life skills and personality perfectly”.

The decision to go ahead and train with a respectable organisation was delayed for another year, when I nursed my best friend Maggie with terminal cancer. She passed over in my arms to the other side of her life journey. Maggie’s vibrant personality shouts out from the photograph. She was and remains my inspiration.This is when my new journey began.

Full of hope and spirit, she did not expect a diagnosis of approximately one year of life in reality to mean nineteen days.Therefore her plans to organize her own funeral were snatched from her. I vowed to try and be the difference that makes the difference in the lives of other people, by offering them choices.

I decided to specialize and step into an area where very few will go, by visiting the terminally ill and listening to their story, helping them arrange and plan their own Celebration of Life, even before the physical end of their life, thus creating and weaving a tapestry of words to share with their friends and family at their celebration of life. I have very quickly built a trust with many funeral directors who have chosen to use my services.

Circle Of Life Ceremonies UK was born.
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